ViewMyCurrency: ToDo list

25 Jul 2007

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All $ symbols are treated as USD Very annoying if you are Australian, Canadian etc. (Needs a new feature)
1.000 or 1,000 is treated as 1000. Since each country formats numbers in a different way I try to guess what the separators are based on the group of 3 digits. This doesn’t always work.. Thanks TekkenTec
Font problems:
INR is sometimes shown as Rs not Rp I’m using Unicode character ‘RUPEE SIGN’ (U+20A8) but it seems that some fonts render this incorrectly. Thanks KK!
PHP shown as ’?’ Perhaps I should default to using Latin characters?
Workaround: install Code2000 font
Two currency symbols per number are not supported.
$10USD – more example1 example2 Thanks pheloxi, Geert!
Don’t convert CVS keywords . $Revision: 1.3 $ should not be treated as dollars. Thanks Simon!
Install wizard dialog needs scrollbars. Thanks Simon
Investigate conflict with TabMixPlus Thanks Thomas
Startup wizard reruns. This happens if there is an exception in my initialisation code. But it’s masking the problem, I will change it to generate an error message and exit. Thanks Theo!
Incompatible with Google Sync Browser extension. Praveen reported that he gets “Failed to find GUI element WLL_hideOriginal”. Thanks!
Scroll bar problem on Mac. Thanks Alex
Jul 2 Handle thousands format from Google quote source. COP as currency, rate is treated as 2, not 2 364. Thanks Jair!
Jul 2 HTML Comments are included in the conversion
EUR <!—$—> 20 will be treated as 20 USD, not 20 EUR. Example at Brunch Club or 10th Anniversary Thanks RH, Geert
Jul 2 Add ’/’ to list of boundary symbols. Thanks Alex for the bug report

Fixed Bugs (to confirm)

Norwegian install fails. Fixme! appears and you cannot select any currency to continue. Thanks Siggy, Makken, Øyvind, Lars
‘Euro 2006 Championship’ should not be converted. Thanks Tobias.
Install wizard offers Belgian Francs and Dutch Euros but no Belgian Euros. Thanks Simon
Improve exchange-rate sanity check. Allow extremely exchange rates, like VND/USD. Thanks Minh!
Don’t convert $ in samples of code on the web. Completely disabled conversion of CODE and PRE.

New Features

More intelligent currency recognition. Use domain name when currency symbol is ambiguous. is probably in CAD not USD (thanks Hannibal)
Whitelists and blacklists / default setting for this domain. Have user-settable default settings per domain name. For example automatically turn ViewMyCurrency on or off, treat $ as NZD etc.
Make it easy to share your settings. _All the preferences are currently stored as escaped strings. Just need to add a GUI so users can share their settings. But editing currencies will have to wait until extension is more mature.
Add more sources for exchange rates Maybe Yahoo Finance? strictly forbid page scraping.
Tooltips for exchange rate list + popup bar. give verbose name of currency
Make compatible with keyconfig extension so shortcuts can be changed
Option: enable keyboard shortcuts (off by default, don’t scare newbies)
Option: remove from right-click menu
Improve default settings.
Select a default format for numbers based on the users choice of ‘my currency’
Use Windows Registry to determine default currency + format. Thanks Christian
Recognise words “thousand, million, K, billion” etc. change to number, multiply by rate and then change back to words
Show exchange rate pairs. Find a place in the GUI to show the exchange rate in both directions
Improve detection of decimal and thousands separators. Look at URL, or HTML lang=”de” or name=”language” content=”de”
Option: level of accuracy.
Might be nice to round stupid prices like 9.99
I add one significant figure but user may want more. Example $2m—> 1.68690958 million Euros. Thanks Chris
Shopping Mode. add a percentage (conversion fee) + fixed amount (postage fee) to each amount
Add old euro-zone currencies. Go for the retro-look with Belgian Francs, Deutschmarks etc
Imperial / Metric conversion The code could easily be expanded to convert miles to km etc. Of course then it isn’t a currency converter anymore. I’ll do this if people ask for it
Timezone conversion for example convert “4am PST” into GMT. Similar issues to Imperial / Metric conversion. Thanks Pär
Localisation. Put all ViewMyCurrency messages into a different file so they can be easily translated into different languages. (and spell checked!) I won’t do this until the user-interface matures. Right now things are changing quickly
Better support for tabbed browsing. Currently there is one global state for VMC. You cannot just convert one tab
Make options dialog more intuitive. brackets order isn’t clear. Thanks Simon
Add VMC icon to statusbar. (like Fasterfox) Better user feedback, OFF is especially confusing
Support negative numbers Is this worth it? Find examples of negative money
Delete prefs on uninstall. Reduce clutter + helps users recover from nasty bugs
Highlight changes
Think about what I’m trying to achieve?
Fix: shows after you turn the currency-converter off.
Add: change font or background color?
Add: highlight the currency only and not the modified block of text. This will require modifying the page structure (like the Google Toolbar)
Thanks Burlo
Conversion Tooltips that pop up over converted numbers and explain conversion (highlight how $ was interpreted)
even more obvious “I’m here” annimation on first-install

Implemented (to confirm)


Code review. I need to audit the code for security holes. Offers of help gratefully appreciated.
Reduce clutter of pref.js Short term: no need to store complete currency list since it’s not editable right now. Longer term: consider using external file to store currency list. Like Foxclocks Thanks pheloxi!
Alpha—> unstable Use the word unstable rather than alpha to refer to my regular releases
Check that I have no unicode source files, all are CRLF and encoding iso-8859-1
Profile code check for stupid bottlenecks
Investigate JavaDoc style documentation
Feb 14 Reduce use of global variables


Download latest GreaseMonkey and investigate if its script insertion technique is useful for me.
Understand XPNCNativeWrappers. What is the security risks of using chrome.manifest nativewrapper=no?
Writing an XPCOM component to speed up extension.
Is there an extension that allows users to easy submit their JavaScript Console Log in a bug report?
What changes required to make ViewMyCurrency work in Thunderbird?


Update the Quick Tour. A picture is worth a thousand words and a film is worth a thousand pictures. It really helps to explain to people what I’m trying to do
Step by step guide to installing ViewMyCurrency. Something simple enough that you can point a Firefox newbie to
Investigate video hosting. Hosting videos on my own domain won’t scale. Consider making mpegs and uploading to Google Video?
Improve video page: Short description, autoplay, list of other videos
Create table of supported currencies and symbols

Web Page

Fix wget script to monitor mozilla update
Add list of old versions. Users might find it useful to revert to previous version if I introduce a nasty bug and then disappear on a caving trip
Add a PayPal donate button?


cope with multiple denominations of the same currency? (p, cent)
Timing tests. Script access to 30 typical sites. Compare timing with and without VMC